Company background

Mr Khalid Sheikh

A rich history rooted in a 34 years tenure at the British Council of Kuwait

Founded by Mr. Khalid Sheikh, United Placement Services boasts a rich history rooted in a 34 years tenure at the British Council of Kuwait, culminating in his role as an education advisor before retirement in 2010. 

Established in Kuwait on May 1, 2009, and in the United Kingdom on August 22, 2011, our agency is a beacon of expertise, linking students to esteemed educational institutions globally. 

As Kuwait’s premier international educational organization, we specialize in facilitating UK studies, examinations, scholarships, and cultural exchanges. 

Committed to fostering global connections, we provide comprehensive guidance on courses, scholarships, accommodation, and visa applications. With a focus on internationalism, professionalism, and creativity, we continuously expand our services, both online and offline, to enrich the educational landscape and enhance Kuwait’s global standing.

United Placement Services warmly welcomes your aspiration to study abroad, recognizing the courage it takes to pursue an undergraduate degree beyond Kuwait’s borders. In our 14th year of dedicated service to Kuwait’s students, we remain steadfast in our commitment to helping you embark on new journeys, forge fresh career paths, and set the stage for your desired future.

We deeply care about your career choices, personal aspirations, and growth potential. Our pride lies in offering a range of unique services to support your academic ambitions, whether it’s securing admission, preparing for foundation programs, or pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in esteemed international institutions worldwide. From application to placement testing and setting career objectives, our team guides you every step of the way.

Our knowledgeable staff is readily available to help you choose the right major, register for programs, apply to multiple universities, and actively participate in the university placement process. If you’re uncertain about your chosen field of study, our Educational Advisors are here to provide valuable insights and assist in shaping your educational plans.

United Placement Services has a proven track record of supporting graduates from public and private schools for 14 years. We also offer quality consultation for diploma holders aspiring to advance to bachelor’s degrees, tailoring individual options to meet their specific needs.

Our impact extends beyond Kuwait’s borders, benefiting numerous individuals in Kuwait and neighboring countries pursuing various degree and non-degree programs overseas. United Placement Services is dedicated to continuously enhancing our services in the years to come. By connecting with us, you become a part of our legacy of success. We wish you every success and encourage you to make the most of the array of services we offer.