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United Placement Services

United Placement Services is the recognized international leader in student recruitment bringing together quality education providers with selected study abroad colleges and universities. We are highly specialized, truly international and very experienced, with a long standing successful track record.

We have attended conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions and fairs on quality education providers' international student recruitment.

United Placement Services is the leading international organization for educational and cultural relations. Whether you want to study in the UK, take a recognized UK exam, get a scholarship or find out about the latest ideas from the UK, United Placement Services is the place to start.

United Placement Services aims to connect people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and build lasting relationships between the UK and other countries.

United Placement Services has its offices in London & Kuwait.

Reaching our people

We better understand our target audience and share knowledge globally, that's why we develop services faster without duplicating effort.

We have build on the face-to face contact we are known for by reaching millions of people online and through a range of media. We continue to broaden the international view of young people in the Western countries to enrich our work by representing the diversity of UK & Kuwait.

Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in Middle East and Western countries and to improve perceptions of Gulf in Western world. This work is driven by our strong belief in internationalism, a commitment to professionalism and an enthusiasm for creativity. These qualities coupled with our integrity and our conviction that cultural relations can help individuals and the world community to thrive.


  • Fast, Quality and updated information services.
  • We provide list of all the accredited colleges, universities and institutions approved by the ministry of higher education Kuwait.
  • We help them with the proper requirement of documents needed by the institutions they are applying for.
  • We maintain the equal opportunity for al l the national and international students.

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